PRO MMA Competition Official Fight Cage 20' X 20'

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The World's best MMA Cages are manufactured here at PRO MMA.  We have built and shipped hundreds of MMA Cages to countries all around the world, to be used by some of the biggest and most prestigious MMA promoters in the business.  
We build our MMA Cages stronger than everyone else does, and our MMA cages are easier and faster to assemble than everyone else's cage.  We use only the very best materials in the manufacturing process, giving us a superior product and giving our customers the best value for their money.
The strongest grade of steel is a structural grade, which is what we use for our frame.  Our cage floor padding is super dense and very protective, exceeding all commission regulations.  Our cage padding and vinyl is superior in both size and durability and even our vinyl coated fence is attached with a far stronger and safer method.
Our cage frame is quick and simple to assemble.  We use no nuts or bolts in our frame and not only is the the strongest connection, it is the fastest.  Our cage panels do bolt onto the cage frame and to each other for the strongest connection, where you need safety the most.
Here are a few fact about our cages.
  • Cage panels - we use a thick walled square steel in our cage panels frames.  These are able to flex, under great stress, without bending.
  • Cage wire -we have our cage wire made especially for us, direct from the factory.  It is the strongest wire available and is dipped in heavy vinyl and then that vinyl is baked on for a long lasting finish.  This fence, likewise, is flexible enough to flex under pressure without bowing out of place.
  • Cage Padding- We use a larger and better padding than others.  The cage rails are padded with a full 4.75" diameter inch thick foam padding that we have made for exclusively for us in perfectly formed round tube cylinders.  This gives our panels a perfect round top and bottom and the maximum protection..
  • Cage Vinyl- We use a high quality athletic vinyl, made especially for athletics.  It attaches with hook and loop Velcro straps and fits perfectly, for a great "wrinkle free" look.  Custom graphics is available.
  • Cage doors - by regulation, cage doors must open outward, never into the cage.  This is a safety regulation.  Most other companies make their doors to open inward, because they use the cheap doors, made from the thin steel, and their door locks are not strong enough to hold against stress.  Our doors can take all the punishment you can give them.  They won't accidentally come open.  They can't!  We manufacture our own door hinges, our own doors, and our own door latches.  We have the strongest doors in the business.
  • Cage frame-nobody can come close to our frame.  It is the strongest, by 1000% and that we can prove!  Our frame will never wobble, shake, move, or bend.  
  • Cage Floor-our competition MMA Cages are built for use with Plywood Flooring, as opposed to the cumbersome and heavy  2 x 12 plank boards.   This gives you a perfectly smooth and flat cage floor, and it is much quicker and easier to assemble.  If you purchase the wood flooring from us, we pre-cut and number the sheets to fit perfectly.    This floor is flat and quiet, and doesn't bounce or bow like some cage floors do.  Our board suppression system is the best in the industry.   If you purchase the flooring from us, we use a waterproof, smooth sanded on both sides, very strong flooring that will last for many years. 
  • Mat Cover-  Our canvas mat covers can be attached quickly and our special made skirts/aprons attach very easily and quickly, with no sagging, like others.  Our side rails are designed to allow easy and fast connection for the mat cover.   Custom graphic are available, at an additional cost, on the canvas mat cover.  We also offer vinyl mat covers for those promoters that are in states that will allow the use of vinyl mat covers.
  • Cage Steps- we build a self standing all steel frame with flat expanded metal grating for the treads.  These stairways are designed for total comfort, ease, and safety when entering and leaving the cage.  No unsafe cheap wooden steps here, all steel and super strong.